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Professor Michio Kaku: The Future of Humanity

  • May 15, 2022
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  • 7pm
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Due to the ongoing situation relating to the Covid-19 pandemic and as a precaution to the safety of our audiences, artists and staff, we will be postponing the Professor Michio Kaku event @ Eventim Apollo, London to Sunday 15th May 2022.


Please note, all tickets purchased for the 2020/21 tour will remain valid for the new dates, so please hold on to them! Should you wish to ask for a refund please contact our customer services department. Customer Services can be reached via enquiries@tegmjr.com


We thank you all for your understanding at this time and we look forward to seeing you later in the year!


Renowned scientist, internationally recognised authority on theoretical physics and the environment, and co-founder of String Field Theory, Dr Michio Kaku will speak at London’s Eventim Apollo on The Future Of Humanity.


Based around his most recent book of the same name, The Future Of Humanity will explore the future and survival of the human species and life beyond planet Earth, including terraforming Mars and the possibilities of interstellar travel. Given that it may take centuries to reach the closest suns and exoplanets, Kaku also discusses alternative paths to ensure the survival of humanity, including the possibility of genetic engineering and transferring human consciousness into non-biological machines.


A respected voice in the scientific community, Dr Kaku speaks passionately on topics ranging from teleportation, telepathy and global climate change to alternative energy, psychokinesis, perpetual motion machines and a binary star located 8,000 light years away.


  • May 15, 2022 - 07:00 PM

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